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Brent Robertson to speak at ACEC about realizing the promise of strategy

March 23, 2016  |  7:30am - 9:00pm

Strategic initiatives are supposed to be the engine that moves a business forward. So why, with all the time and money that businesses invest, do two-thirds of them fail to accomplish what they set out to do?

ACEC LogoTwo reasons:
One, not enough voices were included in the design process. Two, a compelling reason to care was never identified.

Organizations thrive when people inside them feel that they have a stake in, and are working toward, something important to them. When there is no ownership or understanding of a larger purpose, initiatives that should be priorities get treated just like another job to do.

Brent Robertson of Fathom will discuss a way to design and implement business initiatives that build commitment and establish meaning first. As a result, are embraced by the members of the organization and drive results beyond what traditional approaches have us come to expect.

Event Details:

Wednesday March 23, 2016
7:30am - 9:00am

American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut (ACEC/CT)
460 Smith Street, Suite K
Middletown, CT 06457

For more information visit: ctengineers.org

About Brent:

Brent works with leaders to design futures worth fighting for. A partner at Fathom, he champions an approach to strategic planning, employee engagement, leadership succession and market differentiation that prioritizes people and relationships. As a result, his clients don’t simply plan their futures, they bring them to life through the energy of organization-wide involvement in, and commitment to, generating valuable businesses that matter.