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Fathom is a strategy and creative consultancy working with business leaders to design futures worth fighting forTM

Client Story Tecton Architects

An organization that designs together grows together

Tecton Architects is a multi-specialist architectural, interior design, and master planning firm serving notable clients throughout the Northeast. ...

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Client Story Med-IQ

Elevating the value of a corporate merger by putting the organization first

Med-IQ, part of the Coverys family of companies, was formed through the merger of three subsidiaries—ELM Exchange, MRM ...

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Client Story Svigals + Partners

Giving a veteran firm a new understanding of their meaning in the marketplace

Svigals+Partners is an architecture firm in New Haven, Connecticut that works with prominent corporate, healthcare, and higher education ...

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Client Story Kaman

Revitalizing an industry icon by unifying its brand and culture

For more than 70 years, Kaman has helped advance the aerospace and industrial distribution industries with technical innovations ...

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Leadership Matt Reiniger

Putting your imagination to work

Our work is about developing a new mindset in order to realize a future the doesn’t exist presently. Our engagements are opportunities to realize just how much people can contribute especially when they are aligned with as big of a task as creating their future together.

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Leadership Brent Robertson

Helping leaders see their future as a field of possibility

Being a leader is challenging. The conventional ways we think about organizations are all in flux – those books are being re-written now. If everything is changing so quickly, then to be a leader you need to get really comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Leadership Bruce Kaechele

Discovering your purpose

Our responsibility to our clients if nothing else is to leave them with a picture of their future – where they’re not just reading the words, but they feel it, they understand it to a point where they are willing to come in every day and fight for it.

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Leadership Jason Simms

Champions of a story

What Fathom clients can do is explain what they are doing, why it is important, and how they are doing it different than anyone else... in 15 seconds. Fathom clients speak from the heart and that makes for great press.

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What we offer

We are unwavering advocates for your potential. Fathom's purpose-first, three-dimensional approach to strategy unifies your organization, cultivates ideal client relationships, and attracts the talent you want on your team.

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Are you that person who is always pushing your organization forward? Always looking toward what is next and trying to bring others along? There is a name for what you are doing. It's called designing the future. You’re a future designer, and this is the place for you.

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