Let’s design a future worth fighting for

Our Approach  

Fathom is a strategy and creative consultancy working with business leaders to design futures worth fighting forTM

Focus Area Strategy & Design

Move your organization forward with confidence

If your strategic plan isn’t generating enthusiastic, unified action throughout your organization, perhaps it’s time to look at a new approach. With us as your guide, you will create a strategy that moves you, and everyone in your organization, forward.

Focus Area Customer Experience

Be the partner your clients can’t live without

Are you seen as just one of many providers your clients can choose from? Or are you seen as essential to their future success? We’ll help you establish a stronger position in the marketplace and generate value that makes you indispensable to those you serve.

Focus Area Workforce & Culture

Become the place the best talent wants to be

Attracting and retaining top talent is a different game than it used to be. If your engagement plan isn’t up to date, the people you want could end up landing somewhere else. We help our clients create environments where people want to be and want to stay.


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Matt Reiniger, associate partner at Fathom, says, “Fathom works with companies to understand what a successful future looks ...

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Leadership Matt Reiniger

Putting your imagination to work

Our work is about developing a new mindset in order to realize a future the doesn’t exist presently. Our engagements are opportunities to realize just how much people can contribute especially when they are aligned with as big of a task as creating their future together.

Meet our team
Leadership Brent Robertson

Guiding leaders to push beyond perceived limits

Being a leader is challenging. The conventional ways we think about organizations are all in flux – those books are being re-written now. If everything is changing so quickly, then to be a leader you need to get really comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Leadership Jason Simms

Champions of a story

What Fathom clients can do is explain what they are doing, why it is important, and how they are doing it different than anyone else... in 15 seconds. Fathom clients speak from the heart and that makes for great press.

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