Antonia Ciaverella, an architect at Tecton Architects in Hartford Connecticut, lives a life of competing interests. Interests that include architecture, but also goat rearing, behavioral neuroscience, and other fascinating subjects. In her Sip, she described the tension in her own life, where significant influences suggesting the only path forward was to choose one over the other, instead of creating something else.


Antonia suggested to the group that we need to delete the background of noise that gets in the way of understanding the relationships between ideas that on the surface seem so far apart. If we can expose those relationships it can invite us to embrace a bigger vision for ourselves that includes more of who we are. The alternative is to sacrifice what really matters to us in order to make a choice and move forward.


At the front of the room were piles of National Geographic magazines, lots of colorful yarn, staples, paperclips, and tape. Attendees went to work finding images that resonated with their dreams and ambitions for the future. They then used those images to create collages on the walls of the Tecton studio space. Colored yarn was strung up to connect their own collages with images in other attendees’ collages, creating a visual network of relationships.


The evening concluded with a enlivened conversation about what each person saw in the images, and not surprisingly, opened ourselves up to perspectives we hadn’t considered in our own visions for the future. The whole experience was a full-body exploration about the power we each have to declare and bring to life a vision.


If we replace the conflict between our head, heart, and habits with an appreciation for our vision, we can create meaningful connections to that vision and find ways to act on behalf of it.


Photography and video by Mike Marques – Arbor Light Studio



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