Elevating the value of a corporate merger by putting the organization first

Med-IQ, part of the Coverys family of companies, was formed through the merger of three subsidiaries—ELM Exchange, MRM Group, and Med-IQ—and the Coverys healthcare provider education department. Each of the organizations specialized in a different area of clinician education and outcome improvement, and together they represented a combination of expertise and capabilities unavailable in the industry.

Initial discussions with the leadership team revealed that recognizing the merger’s impact on employees and taking care of the team were top priorities. With this in mind, our work with Med-IQ began by engaging employees in sessions where they were able to share how they felt about the new organization, where they saw possibility, and where they expected challenges.

A common theme that surfaced throughout our conversations with the team was that while the combined capabilities offered substantial business value, the real opportunity was embracing the new organization’s ability to improve healthcare as a whole. The horsepower within their walls meant they now had a responsibility to be a leader in a way they never could have as separate entities.

Working together, we tested this new vision, uncovered language that captured its significance, established principles that would guide the business, and initiated activities that demonstrated corporate commitment. Including the entire company in the creation process gave everyone the space to dream big, as individuals and as a collective, and to courageously take ownership of what they knew the organization was capable of achieving.

Imagining the future together

Merging four industry leaders with distinct domains of expertise presents an undeniable opportunity for growth and impact, but only if there is a shared vision for the entire organization to work toward. Future Design Day gave the new Med-IQ leadership team space to imagine what the future could look like and lay the groundwork for the first steps forward.


Putting a stake in the ground

To communicate the company's most important organizing principles, including purpose, priorities, and values, we created a guide that details the creation process, how each element is used, and why they matter. As a common reference point, it makes clear the company's commitments and the team's responsibility to live up to them.


Marking the possibility

The new Med-IQ identity had to convey an image that distinguished it from its namesake legacy company. We created a bold, simplified mark appropriate for a venerable industry leader, and a design system that provides an adaptable canvas for diverse communication needs.


Ownership through engagement

Contributing throughout the process in small groups, the team was brought together at an all-hands event. Co-leading with the executive leadership team, we provided context for the continuing strategy process and supported the conversation and activities that brought the future vision into higher resolution.


Value visualization

The company's comprehensive capabilities represent a new model for its industry so communications to the marketplace have to lay out the whole story and cannot rely on comparisons to similar companies. To provide a true sense of the firm's potential, a visual representation of the value story presents the entire interconnected ecosystem of impact.


User experience first

The website combines the narrative developed for Med-IQ with the online marketing expertise of the legacy companies to create a platform that allows each user to find their most relevant path through the site.

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