Want to Build a Great Culture? It Starts Before You Think

Through the initial interactions of interviewing, you can not only find ways to identify candidates who will accelerate ...

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Jenn T. Grace: How do you show Empathy?

Empathy is a fundamental backbone of good leadership and even general interpersonal skills and interactions with people

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Research Report: How Manufactures Are Finding and Keeping Talent

I recently authored a research study for IndustryWeek and Salesforce to help get a better understanding of how ...

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Keeping the strategic flame alive

Most strategic plans fail during execution, when the excitement and energy of planning and launch have faded away. ...

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Use your strategic planning process to strengthen your company’s culture

Strategy work suffers under the misconception that it only benefits the business side of an organization. This isn’t ...

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Prepare your strategy team to win

In our experience, strategic efforts that produce the most dramatic results share three characteristics: they are meaningful beyond ...

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