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For leaders who seek a community of peers with whom to share the realities of the leadership experience, explore new perspectives and discover opportunities to grow.
Imagine having access to a community of peers from other organizations who share in the courageous, often lonely act of leading – a place where you can be honest about the reality of your experience and know that you are not alone.

LFG is centered on a question: What if leadership were choosing to take a posture of responsibly for the lives you touch?

For more than 15 years, leaders have counted on Fathom to help them achieve new levels of organizational performance, prosperity and purpose. Now, leaders find themselves in a time where everything has changed and leading into this unknown is both an unpredictable and essential act. In times like these, there is nothing more powerful than having access to a forum that gives you exclusive access to a community of like-minded leaders.

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LFG is a private Zoom forum, hosted at noon every Wednesday. In these 1-hour sessions, Fathom provokes and facilitates a conversation that invites exploration of your most pressing issues and ambitions. We introduce new provocations and perspectives that are designed to not only address the immediate needs we all face, but to also establish the conditions that invite the ideal future for your organization.

If you are a leader responsible for an organization or community, or a person with influence on groups of people, we welcome you to apply.

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