Executive leadership development designed for those who want to elevate their influence, enjoy more fulfillment, and generate more impact with less effort.

What if the next leap in your capacity as a leader had little to do with acquiring mastery of any new thing? What if instead, it had everything to do with getting deeper access to who you already are?

In this program, participants will find themselves discovering the untapped capacity that lies within and has always been there, but has often been obscured from view or clouded behind history, expectations and busyness.

What to expect

The executive leadership development program is for leaders who are committed to taking their leadership beyond what they know or have experienced is possible. If you are inspired and committed to participate, you can expect to gain:

  • Deeper access to your unique expression of leadership, so you can consistently deliver more impact through what you say and do everyday
  • The ability to engage with seemingly intractable challenges with renewed courage, creativity, and commitment to overcome or obviate them
  • A peacefulness in who you are and the ability to act in alignment with the values, beliefs and commitments that are most dear to you

Not only will your career take on a whole new level of performance, but personally, you will enjoy experience life at a more joyful and meaningful level.

How the program works

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Limited to eight leaders, those who participate in the executive leadership development program are invited to:

  • Plumb the depths of your sense of identity, gain elevated awareness of the nature of your design, and uncover what your unique design is ultimately capable of accomplishing
  • Develop and apply that awareness into practices that can be applied in any situation you are encountering so you can create conditions that elevate your performance and that of your team and organization
  • Experience powerful affirmations that provide tangible evidence of your impact, validate the potential of your design, and galvanize your ability to step into your leadership with more confidence
This program lasts three months and consists of three-hour cohort workshops every two weeks, and one-on-one coaching sessions on alternating weeks. Provocative “homework” will be assigned and collaboration with other members of your cohort between sessions will be encouraged.

Additional Highlights

Flexible: Designed to meet the busy schedule of executives, we’ll find the most favorable time for the sessions that match the cohort and schedule them in advance.

Virtual: All sessions and curriculum are optimized to be delivered and experienced using Zoom and other online platforms, allowing you to enjoy powerful team interactions and more intimate one-on-one sessions no matter where you are located.

Customized: This program is all about you, and your unique ambitions and challenges. It meets you where you are and is designed to take you forward in a way that only needs to make sense for you.

If you are serious about the next chapter of your leadership, reach out to us to set up an interview.

Your Guide

Brent believes in leading as an unique self-expression – even an artful expression. However, one that can’t be taught out of a book, but can be learned through real-time, on-the-job experiences. Brent is focused on helping leaders discover and apply a more complete expression of their own identity to create high-performance purpose-driven organizations and communities.

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