Here are three easy ways to engage Millennials now:

  1. Go to the SMPS NYC “The Marketing Event” and attend the Millennials Will Inherit the Industry panel discussion November 6th. Featuring: Brent Robertson, Partner, FATHOM (moderator); Erin Gehan, Marketing Manager, DewberryJim Moran, CEO/Founder, CO OP Brand PartnersKeith Kennedy, Associate, Director of Marketing, STUDIOS ArchitectureMitch Orkis, SVP Marketing, CO OP Brand Partners. Click here for details.
  2. Learn how you can transition leaders more successfully by thinking like a Millennial. Successful leadership transitions can and should begin with empowering new leaders to actively engage with the entire organization to create its future. Interestingly, this is how Millennials naturally think. Read my Hartford Business Journal article and learn what you can do to apply this kind of thinking to your own organization.
  3. Go find a Millennial and have a conversation. Put down the research, step out of your office, find a Millennial and go spend some time with them. Ask them what they care about, tell them what you care about. See what happens. Sometimes it is just that simple.

It’s important to consider that the Millennial generation represents what’s to come, not what already is. Firms that find a way to attract, invite and include the contributions of this generation in their work have a distinct competitive advantage over those that don’t. The clock’s ticking, it’s time to engage!

About Brent

Brent works with leaders to design futures worth fighting for. A partner at Fathom, he champions an approach to strategic planning, employee engagement, leadership succession and market differentiation that prioritizes people and relationships. As a result, his clients don’t simply plan their futures, they bring them to life through the energy of organization-wide involvement in, and commitment to, generating valuable businesses that matter.


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