To me, the sip sessions are intellectually stimulating conversations around a topic of emotional and psychological relevance; a desirable distraction from everyday purposeless business engagements.

I submit, that after every session, if we take away even a small practice into our lives; we could slowly become more human.

Is this a “soul-gym” that if you keep coming regularly you will build a stronger inner muscle?


In the final session of 2019, just before the Christmas, I had an opportunity to share my story on how I discovered purpose to my coaching practice. Like many other coaches, I also started my practice by saying, “I help clients grow” and growth meant make more money. As I got deeper into technological solutions for productivity and innovation, I began to understand and sell the fourth industrial revolution, as a differentiator. The Japanese perspective on fifth Societal revolution opened my eyes. All the previous industrial revolutions shaped the society as a consequence, prosperous but not always for better.

This time, can we reverse the trend and let the desired human state define the industrial revolution?


Technology for the sake of technology is ok, but not enough. Technology must be created to serve a societal need. The UN Sustainable Development Goals inspired me to think of highest level of social needs today: Poverty, Hunger, Healthcare, Gender equality, Responsible consumption, Infrastructure, … The impact can be best described by a single concept of “Earth Overshoot Day” given by Global Footprint Network. On July 29, 2019; humanity had used up its share of 2019 resources from planet earth. We ran out of budget, and we have been doing this to mother Earth since 1970!

What happens to a family or business, with year after year of overspending?


The conversation that ensued from first 20 minutes was very encouraging. More questions, some answers, some thoughts and opinions, some simple and some simply touched the heart.
What is the right balance of plastic use? There is good use in food and medical sector. Can we go to hand dryer from use of paper towels in restrooms? Can we stop using single use cups at the future sip session? Can one straw make a difference?

Most of the participants in Sip Sessions are actually consciously aware of the situation, but looking at some hard data combined with a desire to do the right thing, was an eye opener.


When participants started sharing their personal experiences, I felt I was not alone. Suddenly I had so much common with so many others that I met for the first time, the feeling that only sip is capable of bringing out in the open.


Photography and video by Mike Marques of Arbor Light Studio



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