“What are we going to let go of from the past and what are we going to take forward into the future?”

Erica started the session, held appropriately in the nave of Asylum Hill Congregational Church where she recently became the first female Senior Minister, by sharing how she has had a lifelong fascination with doors, always fascinated by the mystery of what she might encounter on the other side. This led directly to her sharing stories of significant thresholds she had crossed or witnessed in recent weeks – from being dropped off after a visit to Mexico in Tijuana so she could walk back across the US border, to holding the hand of a parishioner just the night before as he passed from the earthly plane (perhaps the ultimate threshold to cross).


Erica then challenged attendees to reflect on thresholds they’ve crossed (or approached) in their recent lives – from big changes in the seasons of people’s lives to more routine daily thresholds like returning home after a day at work or from travel. Attendees broke into smaller groups and shared their threshold stories with colleagues.  Folks then shared what they had discussed with the larger group, and many independently commented on the shared themes of fear, excitement and empowerment that threshold moments can bring.


There was a great energy and engagement throughout the evening – Erica is literally a pro at inspiring contemplation, after all – and the idea of mindfully pausing and reflecting as I approach or cross thresholds in my life struck a deep and lasting chord for which I am deeply grateful.


Photography and video by Mike Marques of Arbor Light Studio

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