"My purpose is to create experiences that help people become a version of themselves they did not know existed and to show them a future they did not know was possible."

Ben aims to have every person see that if there is something that they do not like about what they are up to, they are empowered to challenge it and offer a better way.

Ben cultivates his ability to look at things differently and express those observations as distinct visual choices, so clients are the ones with ownership of their future.

An innate collaborator, Ben immerses himself in every aspect of the development process, from stretching the contours of a fledgling idea to working closely with clients to shape a stand-out representation of an organization’s brand and the culture that gives it meaning. Ben turns everyone at the table into creative collaborators through guidance, encouragement, and his ability to rapidly translate ideas into expressive possibilities.

Ben works with leaders to express their core values, purpose, promise, and brand. He uses design implementation strategies to create conditions where everyone feels like they are part of something that matters, and are inspired to make what they do every day something they love. He also uses design to help organizations broadcast the unique experience of working with them—elevating what makes them feel unmistakable and irreplaceable in the eyes of their clients and partners.

Ben knows the value of believing that anything is possible. We are only limited by our own perceptions and we can be free of those limitations with guidance and encouragement.

Ben believes that teams of people with a shared vision can encourage one another to take a stand, have a voice, contribute value—and together change everything. Ben is inspired by people doing things others thought impossible or hadn’t even begun to consider— people designing, materializing and directing energy toward something that will fundamentally change how others in the world or around them will experience their life.

Ben imagines a humanity that has more of a connection to what it means to be alive, aware, and to better understand our natural world.

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