"The future becomes the present faster than you think."

Bruce has an ear for what rings true.

Bruce’s passion lies in listening for truth and exploring how to best express it. For him, that begins with paying attention to people and what they’re trying to communicate, even beyond the words they use.

Bruce stays sensitized to opportunities to call out common ground and use it as a foundation for making agreements and taking action. In group conversations, he’s often like an archer: observing and tracking the exchange before loosing an insight that helps everyone see themselves and the issues at hand with new understanding. He gives voice to what exists between the lines of what’s being said.

When it comes to expressing common values, core beliefs and collective vision for the future, Bruce relies on direct, unambiguous language that addresses everyone as equals, and impels action. He shapes internal organizational mantras that focus pride and identity. He also crafts the messaging systems that allow an organization to express a unified brand voice and authentic perspective. Whatever the challenge, Bruce, lets his critical ear pare down the noise to reveal what’s truly essential.

Bruce knows critical insights can come from unexpected places, and people—that’s why he listens deeply to everyone, regardless of role or title. Bruce’s education in psychology, experience as a designer and writer, and exploration of illustration and music making continues to breathe life into the way he designs futures.

Bruce believes people deserve the chance to contribute as equals, because when teams of people believe in what they’re doing, they can accomplish anything.

Bruce imagines a future where profit is the means and not the end. Bruce is fascinated with how people behave, and why. He works to create conditions for organizations where every employee feels and is important to the future of the business.

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