"Monumental achievement as a team means not just reaching the goal, but building the relationship that gets you there."

Joe puts himself into play to keep the team moving forward.

Joe finds places where process threatens progress, and he goes to work to make connections, plans, and tools that keep teams and projects on track. From the moment his workday starts, Joe is trouble-shooting client questions, conferencing on new project plans, and advising on matters ranging from responsive website design and search engine optimization to print production.

Joe’s people-oriented nature carries through to creating usable, navigable tools—whether websites, designs, reports, or references that don’t get in the way of users finding their way and taking action.

If you ask Joe for help, he’s at your side before you can finish the question.

Joe knows no one is infallible and everyone needs a helping hand at some point, sometimes many points. It’s the little things and the gratitude they bring that can make the biggest difference.

Joe believes most people are looking for acceptance and they deserve it—and with it, will do so much more than they thought was possible. Joe believes teams of people can accomplish much more than any individual, especially if they are in tune with each other’s needs and the group’s needs.

Joe imagines a future where we learn to be more accepting of differences, looking harder at things that are inclusive than what sets us apart. Joe is fascinated by how things work, in nature, in technology, and in organizations.

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