"I’m interested in who you are, your perspective on your work and values, and what makes you special. If you don’t think it’s special, I’ll help you realize that it is."

Jonathan hunts for passion.

Jonathan approaches every project with a restless curiosity that is only satisfied by understanding a team’s unique drive, and a new visual language for expressing it to the world.
Jonathan works in the space where an organization’s future demands new storytelling to make it feel real, and to rally others in its pursuit. He takes on the shifting design challenges of interactive design, 3D technical illustration/animation, print/I.D. design, video direction and production.

Jonathan likes to make people laugh. It helps them loosen up, and present themselves confidently and naturally. Jonathan then turns the clear and confident spirit of a team, or organization, into bold visual storytelling that draws outsiders in, and evokes respect, interest, and partnership.

Jonathan knows the future is not guaranteed, so it’s important to let go of regret and take action on what’s in your control. Jonathan also knows the best outcomes are the result of honesty and authenticity.

Jonathan believes that recognition and respect can drive team to accomplish the “impossible.” He’s inspired by genuine acts of selflessness, and by working with teams excited about what they bring to their work and to their world.

Jonathan imagines a world where people laugh more, accept and embrace our differences, and honor human interaction.

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