When listening to another speak to what truly matters to them, the fibers of their very being become exposed – beautiful and powerful, yet often buried so deep, that we rarely see them. However, when they are exposed, they create the opportunity to build a tapestry of understanding and a relationship with that person that is hard to break.


If more of us were having these kinds of conversations, and building relationships at this level, what would the world be like? Would it be one where we use our differences to keep us apart, or one were we find what binds us, and take on what matters, together?

Attendee of Fathom's Sip Session with Wendy Appel


Ask your spouse, your neighbor, or a stranger, what would be true about the world if they had a say in it. What makes their heart sing, what do they value, what matters to them. The more connections we create at this level, the bigger the difference we can make.

Sharing a hug after Sip Session

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