Executive leader development

One-on-one leader development for executives on the front line of change

Most organizations evolve at the rate that the people who lead them evolve.


What would be possible for the places where you are a leader if you grew your capacity for recognizing and responding to opportunity?


What would it mean to you, personally, if you had the support to explore leadership as the art form it is—and greatly advance your ability to own and express what you see as possible, drawing in allies, and inspiring your team to push beyond the norm?

About this engagement

Fathom’s Executive Leader Development is a nine-month engagement including monthly in-person intensive sessions, and remote coaching. You will accelerate your ability to recognize the gift of your unique expression of leadership and learn how to put it into play, as you build a real-time case study, resulting in unprecedented impact on others and your business.


Approach and perspective

Leadership is an art form, more than it is a science. It’s about bringing something new into existence—a deviation from the norm—unlike management, which is concerned with reliably replicating what already exists. That act of disruption, which leaders provoke, is a unique self-expression.

As a leader, you are responsible for navigating the act of doing what’s never been done. No past experiences, processes, or best practices can prepare you to become what’s needed to take on an unprecedented future. But you can discover what is unshakeable in you—and hold the space for your team to bring into existence what’s needed to achieve a thriving future.


Who is it for?

For those who know they have more to contribute, and are being challenged to lead their organizations beyond safe bets that no longer apply in today’s rapidly changing world.


What to expect

  • Access to distinctions and frameworks that will allow for powerful and skillful ways to navigate the unpredictable act of doing what’s never been done.
  • The ability to realize unprecedented business outcomes, while at the same time, being more patient, generous and inviting of others ideas and vulnerabilities.
  • An understanding of how to recognize and develop the gifts and contributions that make up your unique expression of leadership, and to help other leaders develop the same.

Your executive leadership guide

Mel advises senior leaders on the design of personal and organizational strategies. He develops emerging leaders in growing organizations. Through his coaching practice, Mel has developed senior consultants in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Mel serves as Scholar in Residence at The Graduate Institute where he teaches an accredited MA in Organizational Leadership. He taught leadership at Chicago Theological Seminary. He has led programs focused on breakthrough at University of Arkansas Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace.

In 1990 Mel founded Generative Leadership Group focused on bringing breakthrough technology to business. In 2000 he founded Center for Leadership Studies focused on establishing leadership as a profession and an acknowledged field of study in academe. Mel holds an honorary doctorate for his contributions to the field of leadership.

Mel has worked with leaders in organizations that include:


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