Strategic Planning Retreats

A strategic retreat designed to unlock a powerful vision and develop the relationships to make it a reality

Where traditional strategic planning fails

Traditional approaches to strategic planning often leave the majority of your team’s potential unexplored and unrealized, because they: (1) only invite your team to explore what they already know,
or know how to do (2) are based on the idea that your organization is or has a problem that needs to be fixed (3) focus on processes and actions, and almost completely ignore establishing critical relationships and agreements (4) Culminate in a document that occupies shelf-space instead of provoking your teams’ imaginations and actions.

When strategy becomes fuel for your future

Fathom’s approach to strategic planning retreats is centered on the idea that visioning and planning for the future is a distinctly creative and human act. Because of that, we put your people’s ability to imagine and act on what matters to them and your organization at the center of the experience. As a result, your team won’t just plan your future, they will be ready and motivated to bring that future to life.

You will define

The greatest opportunities to move beyond existing benchmarks and what your history says is possible

What makes your organization unique, where your unique value comes from, and to whom it should matter most

Clear priorities for where to invest energy that will make the biggest difference moving your organization forward

As a result you will

Experience a new level of enthusiasm for and a clearer path toward your ideal future

Be more confident and decisive, knowing your team collectively created and endorsed your strategy

Be closer and more connected with your team by knowing what really matters to each person, and what everyone is committed to contributing

Organizations who will get the most out of this have:

A leadership team committed to creating an organization that realizes extraordinary performance while enhancing its ability to have a positive and meaningful impact on the lives they touch and communities where they work.

Logistics & Format

Retreats can take place over a single day, or multi-day timeframes. A typical strategic retreat agenda would include:

Part OneEstablish vision for future (4 hours)

  • The first session focuses on introducing a multi-dimensional framework to think with, and to use it to reveal where you stand, the ideal future you seek, and a powerful reason to invest in perusing that future.

Part TwoReflection and engagement

  • Over dinner, we continue the conversation to further discover new insights, to address doubts and to come into a deeper relationship with the vision for the future.

Part ThreeIntegration strategy

  • With refreshed minds, we focus on how to best integrate the strategy into the culture and behaviors of the firm and wrap up with clear agreements and accountabilities to move forward.

Each workshop results in a beautifully designed report that captures the key insights, strategies, experiences and actions created by the team in a way that can be powerfully shared with your whole firm.

Your Facilitators

Our team of dedicated practitioners are experts at creating environments where important conversations can take place in the most constructive ways. In every session, you can expect to not only make remarkable progress on the task at hand, but to also generate more meaningful relationships with your colleagues and your organization. As a result, you and your team will leave the experience filled with new-found energy to take bold action.

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