Designing Your Future

We help you create conditions where potential, already present in your organization, is harnessed to build a future of thriving relationships and breakthrough business performance.



Change your future by changing where you are thinking from


What we know is true

This information defines the past and describes the present, providing evidence of achievement and ability. This is our grounding in feelings of certainty and is useful for setting up possibilities.

What we imagine is possible

This is where potential leads, aiming your abilities towards new markers of success that represent a state where you exist in a deeper state of satisfaction, with the power to make a bigger impact on your world. Likely, there is no proven path to follow.

What we believe matters

This is what makes any effort worth making, because it connects your core beliefs with a future where you are living them more fully. This is the force that pulls you toward greatness.



Engage and equip your team to take actions that make the biggest difference

Own your power

Everyone in the organization is involved in the design of that future; everyone is an author and when you are an author, you become an owner and when you are an owner you act and take responsibility in a particular way.

Bigger than anyone

Built around an idea that is bigger than any one person in the organization and bigger than the organization itself; something to aspire to, something deep and meaningful at the human level not just the business level

Never stop growing

The idea is so big that its pursuit puts the organization in a perpetual state of self-generation as it attempts to get closer to the big idea, it is always creating new value, always looking at how it can have more meaningful impact on the world.



Live into a future beyond what you thought was possible

Make future the center of everything

Anything you do can be fuel for getting to where your organization wants to be, if your goals are present in everything, every day.

Share and celebrate examples of success

How we define success shapes our actions. Together we determine what will spur progress, and how to celebrate and support it.

Learn, measure and adjust

Action goes hand and hand with opportunity. As strategy meets reality we guide our clients to actively experiment and evolve.

What we offer

We are unwavering advocates for your potential. Fathom's purpose-first, multi-dimensional approach to strategy unifies your organization, attracts ideal client relationships, and engages the talent you want on your team.

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