Brand Development

A purpose-driven brand is designed around your most cherished authentic expression of value. It is a picture of the future state of your organization that accelerates growth by providing new energy, relevance, and admiration.

Imagine if your new brand did more than made you look good. What if it reinforced the beliefs and values of your organization, made your team proud and energized, and your [potential] customers and partners intrigued, and excited to engage with you? This is the core of what our purpose-driven brand development engagement aims to achieve.

Unlike traditional marketing and branding agencies who approach this as a marketing activity, Fathom sets your whole organization on the path to unprecedented performance. We engage in purpose-driven brand development as an enterprise-wide exercise that engages the whole organization. The purpose-driven brands Fathom builds inspire critical stakeholders to become champions of your organization, and the future you’re working towards.


What to expect

The purpose-driven brand development engagement is for leaders who want a brand built to perform right from the start, and long into the future. Leaders who engage with Fathom to build your brand you can expect to achieve:

  • An articulation of vision and a statement of purpose that serves as the centerpiece of your brand and the rallying-cry for your company
  • A concise narrative that declares what your organization is, what it provides, and why it matters to the world
  • A brand language and identity system (logo, iconography, brand standards, etc.) that gives you the tools to confidently speak up and show up
  • A guide who helps you clarify what your brand really stands for, and how that can be expressed in a way that’s clear to others

Purpose-driven brand development activities

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Weeks 1-3 – Bold Future Vision, Principles & Promise
In the first consolidated workshop we surface the core belief and purpose that will drive the organization forward. These ideas become the foundation for purpose-driven brand development. They also inform development of a promise – what we are committed to providing in every experience a customer or partner has with our organization.

Weeks 4-6 – Positioning and Messaging
Our team will then lead several short workshops to create a corporate Brand Positioning statement(s) that define where your organization will fit and compete in your market/industry. With the positioning clear, we communicate our value and the difference we make in the form of core messages for use in marketing materials and sales conversations.

Weeks 7-10 – Visual Identity System
To elevate the organization, we design a future facing, purpose driven visual identity system including a new logo, brand elements such as patterns or illustrations, typography, color palette, and photography styles.

Weeks 10-12 – Brand Expression Concepts
Opportunities are often missed when highly visible brand expressions are designed in isolation from one another. Your new brand system will be brought to life across a set of critical digital and physical design including website, collateral, sales materials, apparel and workspace concepts.

Week 12 – Strategic Guidebook Document
All brand language from the Belief and purpose, Positioning, Messaging, visual brand guidelines and brand expression concepts are added to a core Guidebook document that becomes an essential tool for future development. All final artwork and assets are owed by you, packaged and delivered in a brand asset library.

What’s next?
Fathom partners with specialized digital marketing, video, and PR agencies to ensure you have options for planning and launching your purpose driven brand in the marketplace.

Let’s talk

Additional Highlights

Flexible: Designed to meet the busy schedule of executives, we’ll find the most favorable time for the sessions that match the cohort, and schedule them in advance.

Virtual: All sessions and curriculum are optimized to be delivered and experienced using Zoom and other online platforms that allowing you to enjoy powerful team interactions and more intimate one-on-one sessions no matter where you are located.

Customized: This program is all about you, and your unique ambitions and challenges. It meets you where you are and is designed to take you forward in a way that only needs to make sense for you.

If you are serious about the next chapter of your leadership. Reach out to us to set up an interview.

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