Leadership Forum Group (LFG)


Fathom’s Leadership Forum Group (LFG) is for those who are committed to their growth and seek a community of peers with whom to share the realities of the leadership experience.

Leadership does not come from books. Leadership is a practice, learned through direct experience.

Have you ever wondered why the 60,000+ books written on leadership are primarily memoirs? A good memoir is personal. It’s written from a worldview and informed by a specific history. It demonstrates success from a singular line of sight. But how can a singular experience teach others how to be leaders?

It can’t. Only you have the source material to be the genuine, remarkable leader that you wish to be. 

LFG is built on defining leadership as a choice, a responsibility, and a personal expression. Fathom believes leadership is not an entitlement, gifted only to those with certain qualities or technical proficiencies. We believe every human has the capacity to lead, and that capacity can be developed through the practice of bringing your whole self to the work. 

Those who fully engage in LFG will have substantially more impact on their organization and with less effort. LFG alumni enjoy more meaningful experiences, fulfilling relationships, and abundant resources.

What Is LFG?

Leadership may not be what you think. It’s more about you than you ever imagined. 

LFG is a 12-week advanced leadership program. The participants of LFG quickly gain elevated awareness of their effect, and become equipped to amplify that effect with more intention and focus. The program is offered only two times a year and limited to a cohort size of eight people from different organizations. 

The cohort meets weekly for 90 minutes. At each session a powerful insight, or “tool” as LFG refers to them, will be introduced. The cohort will then put that tool into practice immediately within the context of their own organization. Each week cohort participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences in a safe, supportive environment. 

The tools provided are evergreen and are the foundation of LFG’s state-of-the-art curriculum. Fathom encourages cohort participants to share these tools with their own teams and families. The time requirements beyond the sessions are insignificant, as applying the insights is where the real learning takes place. 

The tuition for the program is $3,000 per person. Tuition includes the 12-week cohort, unlimited use of LFG’s proprietary tools, and access to the LFG alumni community where participants meet quarterly.

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Who is LFG for?

With LFG, building a life-long, life-giving practice is the goal. 

LFG alumni are from all industries, backgrounds, and positions. We consistently see that the LFG participants who challenge themselves to new ways of thinking and being have the greatest success in this program. 

LFG may be for you if:

  • You are in a position where more is being asked of you, and you want to step up and deliver 
  • You feel overwhelmed and exhausted and want to have more impact with less effort
  • You want to bring more of your voice and influence into your organization or community
  • You are looking for a community of peers to share with and learn from
  • You are committed to your growth, and want a program focused on breakthrough outcomes

Participating in LFG does not require that:

  • You currently “identify” as a leader, or are in a top position within your organization
  • That you are leading a team or working for a for-profit entity; you may be a solopreneur, a member of government, in academia, or a community leader

Participating in LFG does require that:

  • You show up, be prepared to be all in
  • You participate in the cohort in such a way that allows us all to create a positive, supportive environment for everyone
  • You stay open to new ideas and uncomfortable conversations 
  • As much as you’re able and willing, share your experiences, challenges, and wins with the group so we can all learn from you 

A message from LFG’s creator, Brent Robertson​

“In my experience, leaders have been led to believe that success is all about how much we do and how well we manage an organization's metrics and KPIs. Yes, there is leverage there, but it is limited in its impact. Where the real impact lies are within the human systems. It’s the conversations and relationships that make or break an organization. If those are lovingly and consistently cared for, along with the business systems, the result is a healthy organization that generates unprecedented abundance. This is the field of leadership. Those that practice rigorously are the ones enjoying the journey and sharing the resulting success with those on the journey with them.” – Brent Robertson


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