Generative Listening

Breakthrough listening programs for leadership and life

Listening is an essential ability for leaders, but most training barely scratches the surface of what listening can do. 

What if you could listen the future into existence? Listen someone higher? Elevate your influence and the influence of others through listening? 

Generative Listening is a practice that energizes people and possibility. It helps leaders access more of themselves and those around them, and the practice of it is the single best investment you can make to increase the capacity of your team and your organization. 


What your team talks about matters. 
Our listening shapes the conversations we have, and conversations set the expectations, define the limits, and direct the energy of our organizations. 

What is the experience you are having of the conversations your teams spend time on? Are they resulting in the outcomes you seek, or filling space or even causing frustration?


With Generative Listening, you’ll be able to:

  • Listen beyond the words to uncover the hidden assumptions, beliefs, and values that drive your team’s behaviors 
  • Connect everyone to your biggest future goals, where new ideas and solutions emerge to drive growth and performance
  • Enjoy more satisfying and meaningful relationships with those most important in your life 


As a result of these Generative Listening programs, leaders are better equipped to: 

  • Break down silos and foster collaboration
  • Solve complex problems and make better decisions
  • Accelerate innovation and change
  • Improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Deliver more value, and charge more for their work
  • Have more say in their future, and do more with less than they ever imagined 


If you’re serious about getting the most out of your leadership, and your life, Generative Listening is for you. 

About the program creator

Brent Robertson is a TED/Keynote speaker and entrepreneur who helps leaders achieve their next ideal chapter. He co-founded Fathom, a consulting firm that helps organizations build high-performance, purpose-driven teams and individuals. He is also the creator of Purpose Practiced, a personal development program for those who want to design a more purposeful, impactful, and joyful future. 

Brent is a passionate speaker and facilitator who has delivered captivating and informative experiences to prestigious audiences at Yale, UCONN, the American Institute of Architects, and IndustryWeek. He has also designed and emceed record-breaking events for Keep America Beautiful and the Society for Marketing Professionals. 


Generative Listening Fundamentals

Discover the power of listening you didn’t know you had  

In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll explore the concepts behind Generative Listening and experience its full potential through powerful real-time exercises. You’ll leave the workshop with a deeper access to your listening and the tools you need to apply it in your day-to-day work and life. 


Participants will: 

  • Broaden your awareness of the different ways to harness the power of listening
  • Familiarize yourself with the concepts of Generative Listening, including listening self, listening possibility, and listening identity
  • Practice Generative Listening skills through provocative exercises 


Program Details:

  • 3 hours, in person or fully virtual (not hybrid)
  • Group size: 8-20 people
  • Fee: $5000
  • No presentation equipment needed (fully analog and interactive)
  • Attendees will receive three powerful Generative Listening Tools to encourage practice after the program

*Note, If you attended the Vistage Generative Listening Program, this is what you experienced.

Generative Listening For Executive Teams

Elevate your team’s performance and influence through the power of listening

As executives, you have the opportunity to multiply your impact throughout the organization by increasing your listening capacity and quality. This program will elevate the quality of conversation and listening among your team, deepening your relationships with each other, and allowing you to have a greater influence on shaping the future of your organization.  


Participants will gain: 

  • An understanding of how conversations form the invisible boundaries of their teams’ and organizations’ potential, and how generative listening can shift those conversations to release new levels of connection and performance 
  • Real-time experience applying the practice of generative listening, resulting in greater awareness and greater effect 
  • Strategic application of generative listening for each leader, with clear places to apply within the organization and outside of it
  • A custom Generative Listening Field Guide for your team and organization


Program Details:

  • 3 hours, in person or fully virtual (not hybrid)
  • Group size: 2-15 people
  • Fee: $5000 or $8000 if Fundamentals is included
  • No presentation equipment needed (fully analog and interactive)
  • Attendees will receive your custom Generative Listening Field Guide to encourage practice long after the program is over

Prerequisite: Generative Listening Foundations (both programs can be delivered in a single day or two 1/2 day sessions.) 

Generative Listening For Meetings

Get more out of your meetings and save time and money

Business meetings are notoriously inefficient and unproductive. On average, leaders spend 30 hours per week in meetings that cost $4000 per hour, and only 25% of those meetings are described as productive. Generative Listening can help you turn your meetings around and make them more effective and efficient. 


Participants will gain: 

  • A fundamental understanding of key Generative Listening practices for creating incredibly effective meetings (or eliminating unnecessary meetings)  
  • The opportunity to redesign a critical and common meeting, including format, run of show, prep, and follow-through work examples 
  • Direct experience of this new meeting design through a real-time experiment 
  • Applied use of Generative Listening practices to apply to other meetings repeatedly 


Program Details:

  • 3 hours, in person or fully virtual (not hybrid)
  • Group size: 1-10 people
  • Fee: $3500
  • No presentation equipment needed (fully analog and interactive)
  • Attendees will create your custom Meeting Design Field Guide as a reference for redesigning future meetings. 

Recommended Prerequisite: Generative Listening Foundations (both programs can be delivered in a single day or two 1/2 day sessions.)

Generative Listening Private Coaching

One-on-one guidance to have more meaningful conversations with the people who matter most to you

This private coaching program is for those who want to invest in deepening their relationships with the people in their lives. During your two one-hour sessions with Brent Robertson over Zoom or phone, you will discuss the nature of the relationships you want to work on and apply the fundamental aspects of Generative Listening to create the conditions for the conversations and relationships you want.  


Program Details:

  • Two one-hour private coaching sessions with Brent Robertson over Zoom or phone
  • Fee: $600

Do you want to get the most out of your leadership and your life? 

Contact us today to learn more about our generative listening programs.

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