Strategic planning retreats designed for leaders who want to ensure their vision and strategy converts inspired ideas into focused action and breakthrough results.

Traditional approaches to strategic planning commonly deliver plans that don’t lead to their intended outcome—and as a result, suffer a 67% failure rate according to Harvard Business Review. Despite these statistics, many organizations stick with this approach, year after year, often embellishing the event with entertainment options to make the process more tolerable.

Imagine a strategic planning retreat that will not only leave you and your team with a bold vision for the future, but with the enthusiastic commitment to see it through. Fathom’s approach to strategic planning retreats, honed over the last 15 years, is centered on the idea that visioning and planning for the future is a distinctly creative and human act. With this in mind, we put your people’s ability to imagine and act on what matters to them and your organization at the center of the experience.


What to expect

Fathom’s strategic planning retreats are for leaders who have ambitions for the future of their organizations that go beyond their histories and the mainstream of their industries. As a result, your team will gain:

  • A useful picture of reality—an objective view of your organization as it exists today, and a clearly articulated vision for how it will exist in its ideal state
  • A way to speak to what’s essential—language to describe your organization’s greater Purpose and sustained fuel for action
  • Knowledge of where effort needs to go—clarity on where organizational effort applied will provoke actions that will make the greatest difference
  • Stronger team connection—renewed enthusiasm for the relationship your team has with each other, and a reinvigorated commitment to creating the future you seek
  • A powerful invitation to join in—a narrative to communicate the vision and strategy that will energize and enroll your entire organization in the act of creating a future of unprecedented performance
  • A blueprint for how to get it done—an architecture for designing, aligning and focusing all decisions and actions of your team and organization

How strategic planning retreats work

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Our strategic planning retreats take place over a single day or multi-day timeframes and are just as effective in-person as they are virtually. The retreat experience is highly interactive, offering a level of engagement, excitement and rigor rarely experienced in a strategic planning workshop. A typical strategic retreat agenda includes:

Part One Establishing vision for the future The first session focuses on introducing a multi-dimensional framework in which to think , reveal where you stand, envision the ideal future you seek, and identify a powerful reason to invest in pursuing that future. Part Two Reflection and engagement Over a break (e.g., dinner if a two-day event), we continue the conversation to further discover new insights, to address doubts, and to establish a deeper relationship with the vision for the future. Part Three Integration strategy With refreshed minds, we focus on how to best integrate the strategy into the culture and behaviors of the organization and wrap up with clear agreements and accountabilities to move forward. Each workshop results in a beautifully designed report that captures the key insights, strategies, experiences and actions created by the team in a way that can be powerfully shared with your whole organization.

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Strategic planning for Boards

Could your board of directors’ benefit from reinvigorated enthusiasm for their role on the board, and commitment to your organization? How about establishing a higher performing and more satisfying relationship between the executive leadership team and board? If so, ask us about our extended board/leadership team retreats.

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