Keynote speaking and event moderation that leave your attendees with a powerful message and an incredible experience that they will reflect on long after the event.

Over the past 15 years, Fathom’s leaders have been sought after for keynote speaking engagements and event moderation, bringing passion and purpose-driven energy to the topics we love to speak about most.

For those who want their event speaker to hit it out of the park, Fathom’s thoughtful approach, powerful themes, and thought-provoking content has our team consistently rated well beyond the expectations of attendees and event sponsors.


Keynote speaking topics that Fathom is most often asked to present or moderate:

  • The Practice of Leadership
  • The Power of Community
  • Purpose-driven people and organizations
  • High-performance businesses
  • Client experience design
  • Finding meaning in the workplace
  • Differentiating your organization in a competitive market
  • Innovation and Applied Imagination
  • Unlocking Creativity

Common virtual or in-person keynote speaking events include:

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  • Trade association annual events
  • Membership organizations that attract specialized audiences such as Human Resources, Marketing, Business Development, Engineering, Architecture and other professionals
  • Keynote speaking at annual, high-profile gala events and fundraisers
  • Educational institutions seeking outside speakers to benefit students at the high school through graduate school levels
  • Leadership organizations seeking to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to their members
  • Podcasters who want a stand-out interview
  • News and Media companies interested in an “expert” opinion on the topics above

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