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Brent Robertson‘s events provoke new ways of seeing and being in the world. 

Dynamic. Engaging. Entertaining. And Informative. Speaking engagements, custom keynotes, and event moderation that immediately catch and hold all attendee’s attention… with a lasting effect long after your event is over.

Brent has been invited as a featured speaker at universities such as Yale and UCONN, has inspired crowds at industry events for the American Institute of Architects and IndustryWeek, and has designed and emceed record-breaking events for Keep America Beautiful and The Society for Marketing Professionals (SMPS). Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization, has named Brent as a top speaker for 2021.  

Brent is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, emcee, moderator, and facilitator, that always leaves attendees with a powerful message and an incredible experience that they will reflect on long after the event is over. He is passionate about speaking at events where attendees are looking to be moved, not only by the experience, but also by provocative ideas and shifts in perspective.

Brent also creates event experiences, both in-person and virtually, that take on challenging topics. Sip Sessions, a monthly public event five years running, has been featured by Thrive Global and Connecticut Magazine, where it was named “One of the hottest events in Connecticut.”  

We are programmed and expected to do other things while we are listening to someone talk. But what if we could open ourselves to listen…in 3D? Brent shares how listening with intention can change your life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

April 28, 2022 – Brent Robertson has been awarded the 2021 top speaker award by Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization.

Speaker Awards are one way Vistage recognizes speakers for the value they bring to members and the Vistage community. The Top Speaker Award is bestowed to speakers who are identified based on a consistently growing number of requests to present and feedback from Vistage members and Chairs. 


“This was by far my favorite presentation during my time with Vistage.” Andrew Skipp, Chair  Vistage Worldwide 

Brent’s delivery was exceptional as was the content. Extremely useful in everyday life and in our work lives.” Jeffrey Bauer, Chair – Vistage Worldwide 


Brent Robertson commented on this honor, saying: “It is wonderful to be recognized, and I owe it to the receptivity of the Vistage Community to the kind of experience I am delivering that seems to have these speaking events resonate as evidenced by this acknowledgment. 


Signature Keynotes and Workshops

Experience the full potential of generous listening. 

Listening skills are consistently stated as one of the most important things a leader can have mastery of. However, most curriculum or training available on the topic deal with techniques that just scratch the surface of the incredible power of generous listening. This event explores… 

  • What if you could listen something into existence? 
  • What if you could listen someone higher? 
  • What if you could change the condition of your organization through just the act of listening?  

Know what it takes to cause a breakthrough. 

In times like these it seems the new normal is about dealing with significant and relentless change. Incremental improvement alone is no longer adequate. Real change requires breakthrough ideas that challenge fundamental aspects of understanding how people and organizations work. This event explores… 

  • What is the nature of transformative change? 
  • How is change caused, and how does it effect people and organizations? 
  • How can we listen for and champion ideas that provoke radical positive change? 

A more human, and productive approach, to increasing margins.  

If you are struggling to generate meaningful, reliable profitability, you are not alone. Traditional approaches to profitability simply don’t integrate well into firms whose cultures are driven primarily by the creative and intellectual ambitions of those who deliver them. This event explores… 

  • How can we unlock profitably by designing an approach that compliments your organization and your culture? 
  • How to best integrate this new approach to profitability into your firm?  
  • How will this strengthen relationships with your team, your clients, your partners, and the marketplace itself? 

Topics Brent is Known For:

  • Performance – Purpose as a technology that delivers unprecedented performance
  • Partnership – Becoming an organization clients would not make a move without 
  • Leadership – Elevating awareness, and amplifying the effect of you and your team’s leadership
  • Community – The epidemic of loneliness and the case for community 
  • Succession – Succession as a catalyst for unprecedented growth 
  • Talent – Creating evangelists for your organization before they even work there 
  • Listening – How to listen something or someone higher 
  • Transformation – The change required when breakthrough is essential 
  • Abundance – A more complete look at creating conditions for profitability 

Watch Brent In Action.

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Leadership expert Brent Robertson sat down with WGBY’s Veronica Garcia to discuss. 
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