Grow your team’s capacity to embody your brand, tell your story, and land more business with a robust sales enablement strategy.

What if effective business development wasn’t about “selling” at all? What if even those inexperienced at “selling” could confidently drive new opportunities?

In our sales enablement strategy program, participants will become more passionate, bold and authentic partners for those that matter most to your business. They will be able to represent your story to anyone, anywhere, see opportunity where they hadn’t before, and take meaningful and effective action, resulting in higher sales performance.


What to expect

Sales enablement strategy is a momentum-building program for those responsible for initiating and developing client and customer relationships.

If you want to grow your team’s collective (and individual) capacity for high-performance business development, you can expect:

  • Rapid growth—your team’s confidence will build on the recognition of wins in various forms, week by week, collectively and individually
  • Grounded in what matters—a clear understanding and ability to articulate your unique Purpose-driven Commitments and Promise that allow any member of your team to productively elevate the conversation
  • Heightened learning and ability to create what’s needed—not just reciting and acting on what you know and have practiced, but making the connections to new information and situations that have you see new opportunity and create new value for customers
  • The ability to gain new listening from current and prospective customers—go beyond the “sales” dynamic and be recognized by your customers as a true partner

Not only will the individual members of your team grow in their sales ability, your entire team will experience new levels of connection and coordination—and you will experience the high-performance that level of connection and confidence makes possible.

How sales enablement strategy works

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Your entire sales team (or a critical subset) will come together to:
  • Identify goals and criteria for success for the sales enablement strategy program
  • Establish the Purpose-driven Commitments and Promise you can make, beyond your products or services
  • Craft the story architecture and components that make it easy for anyone to successfully engage customers
  • Clarify target markets and buyer personas
  • Develop core capabilities used in strategic partnership development
  • Share new insights and in-the-field experiences week to week
  • Craft strategies and tactics based on collective learnings, and put them into play
  • Make critical information visible and accessible for the benefit of all
This is a three-month program and consists of 1.5-hour virtual cohort workshops every week. Along the way, we’ll build a custom sales guidebook that captures strategies, tools, and insights, and become a living reference for the team to continue developing.

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Additional Highlights

Flexible: Designed to fit into the busy schedule of you and your team, we’ll find the most favorable recurring time for the sessions and schedule them in advance.

Virtual: All sessions and curriculum are optimized to be delivered and experienced using Zoom and other online platforms, allowing you to enjoy powerful team interactions no matter where you are located.

Customized: The sales enablement strategy program is all about you, and your unique ambitions and challenges. It meets you where you are and is designed to take you forward in a way that makes the most sense for your situation.

Developing your sales team’s capacity for high-performance is an investment that keeps giving back to your organization’s bottom line.

Reach out to discuss what your goals are and how we can customize the program to your needs.

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