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Fathom’s flagship engagement is designed to take your organization to unprecedented levels of performance and relevance. Acting as guides, not directors, we lead your team in the forming of a bold, purposeful vision and bring it to life through a rigorous effort that involves your executives, employees, stakeholders and community at large.

Clients who embark with us on a transform journey find themselves leading a purpose-driven organization that not only outperforms its history and even its industry – but generates the fulfillment that comes from creating an organization that matters to its team, clients and community.

This kind of uncommon performance is only possible as a result of an uncommon approach. Fathom’s transform engagements are built around one simple assertion: Organizations centered on ideas beyond what they sell and what they make outperform those that aren’t – in every way.


What to expect

This program is for leaders with big ambitions for the future of their organizations. Engaging with Fathom means partnering with a trusted and expert guide that will be there every step of the way, provoking and translating bold thinking into equally bold results. As a result of a Transform engagements, your organization will have:

  • A new way to speak, think and act that has everything you do and say contributing to your ideal future
  • A leadership team professionally and personally equipped to navigate a growing organization and the courage to establish conditions where everyone can be at their best
  • A significant population of your organization focusing energy on creating what’s needed for the future, not just maintaining current state
  • A way to measure and celebrate progress that provokes disciplined action and deeper levels of commitment to the future
  • More compelling invitations that inspire more ideal clients, employees and partners to join, hire and work for you

How the program works

Transform engagements are typically 10-14 months in duration. During that time, we will facilitate the process of your team forming a bold, purposeful vision – and the rigorous practice of bringing that vision to life, delivering valuable and actionable insights and assets at every stage.

Transform engagements have you and your organization:

  • Revealing a bold organizational vison and the strategy to realize it
  • Developing as leaders and teams through ongoing coaching and mentorship
  • Setting organizational goals and goal achievement methodologies
  • Designing and launching breakthrough initiatives
  • Celebrating key milestones, and robust interactions with your whole organization
And as a result, have every member of your team enjoy the satisfaction that comes with organization-wide engagement in, and commitment to, creating a future that really matters.

Unleashing this kind of performance begins with one simple step

The first step in our engagement is all about setting a bold vision for the future. To accomplish this, we first invite input from all essential stakeholders from inside and outside of your organization to provide their input, vision, and insights through a Relationship Assessment that tells the story of who you are for them, and who they imagine you could be, and where they want to connect in making it happen. This insight kicks off a leadership event called Future Design Day where we draw from everyone’s insights to form a bold vision for the future and the path to get there.

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