For leadership teams who seek a future for themselves and their organizations where they perform beyond what they’ve historically known to be possible.

Unleashing uncommon performance requires an uncommon approach to leadership team development. Unlike traditional programs that teach leadership skills and rely on attaining archetypal character attributes, Fathom’s leadership program focuses on establishing high-performance relationships.

We do this by opening up previously unknown territory where your team can get deeper access to each other’s unique strengths and orchestrate how to use those strengths to vastly amplify your effect as individuals and as a team. We then help you apply those discoveries in a way that accelerates your progress toward your organizational objectives.

What to expect

The leadership team development program is for teams who want to come together to realize their unique potential, and create unprecedented outcomes. Participating in this program means coming face-to-face with obvious and hidden factors that limit your effect as a team and creating new principles that call forward the best of your team. As a result, you can expect your individual and team impact to be dramatically amplified:

  • Relationships among the leadership team and with direct reports will be more enjoyable and productive
  • Objectives and key results will be achieved more reliably and at a faster rate
  • Your team will be excited to take on ever more complex challenges
  • Unresolved issues and unmade decisions will be addressed and out of the way
  • Tough conversations will be taken on more readily and with more confidence

How the leadership team development program works

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Fathom’s leadership team development program focuses on creating high-performance relationships between the members of your leadership team, and between leadership and the organization itself – establishing the architecture and agreements that encourage those relationships to not only sustain but grow over time.

Three-month cycles The leadership team development program runs in three-month cycles. Each cycle begins by setting performance objectives for the team and designing initiatives to deliver these results. For some clients, one round satisfies their ambitions. For others, this becomes the foundation for the ongoing development of the team. Powerful frameworks Each month, the leadership team will be introduced to powerful distinctions and frameworks designed to provoke new discoveries. With discoveries applied to real-world challenges, learning is amplified through the coordinated actions of the team. Between team sessions, each leader will have one-on-one coaching sessions to dive deeper into their unique experiences, personality, challenges and opportunities. Executive Leader Guide All of the curriculum and breakthroughs that are discovered or created through the program are captured in an executive leadership guide that expands over time. This guide becomes the operating manual for the team as it stands, and as it grows and changes into the future.

Additional Highlights

Flexible: Designed to meet the busy schedule of executives, sessions can be built in increments and durations that fit will with your team. We lay out the schedule on everyone’s calendar in advance so the team can plan ahead.

Virtual: All sessions and curriculum are optimized to be delivered and experienced using Zoom and other online platforms, allowing you to enjoy powerful team interactions and more intimate one-on-one sessions no matter where you are located.

Scalable: Each program focuses on one executive team of up to 10 leaders. We can develop a program that includes multiple leadership teams and we also offer a powerful program for emerging leaders.

If you are serious about unleashing the highest levels of your team’s performance, reach out to us to set up an interview.

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