Sip Sessions are facilitated interchanges of ideas, perspectives, and beverages, all in service to having your design of the future realized.




Lena DiGenti: What if you knew when to be afraid and when to be fearless?

Lena DiGenti was raised in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, where fearlessness in everyday life is a primary tenet. ...

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J. René Martínez: The Value of having a Third Place

Sip Sessions are still on the move! This session will be at J. René Coffee Roasters in West ...

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Sip Session with Victoria Foster

For the first time, Fathom is taking Sip Sessions on the road! This session will be at Svigals ...

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What you can expect from SipSessions

Imagine the potential future and understand why it matters

Take stock of where your energy and resources are going right now

Uncover the actions that will make the biggest difference to realizing your organization’s potential


Agreement on the future you want to create for your organization, and the inspiring reasons to drive it

A clear understanding of which current efforts are working, which aren’t, and what initiatives will drive growth and development

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