Sip Sessions are guided interchanges of ideas, experiences, and beverages, all in service to provoking our innate ability to create the future we want to live into.

Sip Sessions Featured in Connecticut Magazine

‘Sip Sessions’ Aim to Empower People to Create the Future They Want

Connecticut Magazine
By Mike Wollschlager

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Brent Robertson: Get To Know The Possibility That Is You. A Homage To Mel Toomey’s Work

How can we develop a deeper relationship to self, as a means to realize our full potential?

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2022 Sip Session Lineup

January 19
Brent Robertson, Co-founder Fathom, Creator Purpose of Practiced 

February 16
Michael Distefano, Director of Faith + Justice Initiatives at Amirah, Inc

March 16
Honorable Angela Robinson, Professor, Equity Advocate and Teacher, Judge (Ret) 

April 13
Kristina Karlson, Graphic Designer and Digital Design Specialist and John Jaramillo, Leadership Performance Coach & Consultant

May 18
Angela Silva Mendes, Founder Upanji Life Coaching Beyond the Obvious

June 16
Craig Galati, President at LGA Architecture


July 13
Matthew Banever, Founder and CEO of Bards Clothing

August 17
David Fearon, Researcher and Podcast host, Professor Emeritus 

September 14
Reverend Mandy Mastros

October 19
Amy McNamara

November 16

December 14

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      Provoking our innate ability to create the future we want
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