Sip Sessions are guided interchanges of ideas, experiences, and beverages, all in service to provoking our innate ability to create the future we want to live into.

Sip Sessions Featured in Connecticut Magazine

‘Sip Sessions’ Aim to Empower People to Create the Future They Want

Connecticut Magazine
By Mike Wollschlager

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The Alchemy of Intention

Sarah Leathers and Ellen Palmer invite you to experience their “secret sauce”: It’s contributed to every aspect of ...

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2023 Sip Session Lineup

January 18
Kristina Karlson, Director of Design at Fathom, Topic: Defining Your Identity

February 15
Brent Robertson, Co-Founder of Fathom, Topic: Unpacking the TEDx and Unpacking the Power of ListeningVIA ZOOM

March 15
Greg Hammond, CEO of Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors and Financial Coach, Topic: Your Generational Impact

April 19
Erich Davis, Owner and Creative Director of E.J. Davis Aesthetics and WorkWorkshop, Topic: S&!t happens: What Are You Gonna Do About It? Creative Problem-Solving Life Lessons

May 17
Maureen Funke, Owner and Qigong Healer at Living Your Qi, Topic: Living Your Intuition: A Guide To The Inside

June 21
Jenny Drescher, Founding Partner, The Bolder Company, Topic: The Fool – Unleashing the Power and Wisdom of Your Inner Guide


July 19
Matt Conway, Community Developer and Placemaking Innovator of RiseUP for Arts, Topic: Public Art Is More Than Just Art

August 16
Darrin Tulley, CEO and Chief of Possibilities at Ignite Happy, Author of Live Your Possible, Topic: Spark and Sustain Everyday Happiness

September 20
Sarah Leathers, Founder and CEO, and Ellen Palmer, Founder and COO, of Healing Meals Community Project, Topic: Rocket Boosting 101

October 18
Dennis Lazor, PHD in Literature and Horror Novelist, Topic: Beasts with Ten Fingers: Horror Literature and What It Can Reveal

November 15
Angela Baccala, Relationship Sage, of Authentic Heart Coaching, Topic: Using Your Sexual Energy to Fuel Your Life

December 13


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