We reconnect people with what gives their work meaning and drives unprecedented performance

We believe:

Organizations that are driven by ideas greater than what they sell or make outperform those that aren’t.

Every organization possesses the courage to choose and the power to create a more meaningful future.

Organizations have a responsibility to use more of their humanity to connect and serve more of humanity.

Which drives our approach to:

Connect your team to the ideas and ambitions that stir your imaginations and provoke not just a willingness, but a desire to change and grow.

Enroll your entire organization in the work of bringing those ideas to life through unified enthusiastic action.

Develop the tools, relationships, and habits required to make transformation sustainable, no matter how busy you are with the demands of today.

And results in:

A dramatic increase in the quality of the relationships that are vital to your success including:


You will find yourself better equipped, more connected, and applying efforts where it matters most. Your energy and influence will increase and work will be a canvas where your imagination can play. Your organization will be the place where bold vision gets realized.



Employees will know what they do matters, and share their stories passionately with others. Teams will be more effective in their roles and able to contribute beyond them to enhance the culture and build the future. Your organization will be the place the best talent want’s to be and grow.


Your organizations position will elevate in the eyes of your clients and your competition. You will be more valuable as a provider of what they need today, and indispensable to who they are trying to become in the future. You organization will be a partner your client’s won’t make a move without.



Your organization will be known as a leader. You and your teams will be asked to speak, be interviewed and to share your thoughts and vision. Your participation in the community will be coveted, your generosity recognized. Your organization will be one the community rallies to support.

Fathom Leadership

We are unwavering advocates for your potential. We are facilitators, thinkers, and makers obsessed with leaving you with renewed enthusiasm for and a clearer path to your ideal future every time we meet.

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