Meeting Facilitation

Ensure your organization’s most critical meetings produce results, particularly when attendees are working in a virtual environment

Critical meetings are a precious opportunity to make progress on key initiatives, make big decisions, create new things, and commit to action. Virtual meeting design and facilitation is always challenging but add in the complexities of remote participants relying on virtual meeting technologies, and it can be downright daunting.

Imagine virtual meetings becoming the best meetings you’ve ever had. Fathom has been pioneering the design, technology utilization and facilitation of virtual meetings for organizations and communities large and small, local and global. In fact, when Fathom is involved, clients regularly state that their virtual meetings have become the most productive and enjoyable meetings they have ever had. Virtual meetings are certainly a necessity now, but evidence is clearly pointing to virtual meetings continuing to be commonplace, if not the standard way we meet with groups, long into the future.


What to expect

We offer high-stakes, virtual meeting facilitation that is vital to your organization, addressing challenging topics, and with a high demand for productivity.

  • A meeting designed in a way that the most important conversations are had, commitments made, and actions agreed to
  • Attendees will have what they need to be informed and prepared for the interaction before the meeting
  • Fathom’s masterful facilitators will lead the conversation in a way that invites all participants, including the meeting sponsor, to engage and contribute, free from the burden of having to lead or capture the outcomes of the meeting
  • The best and most appropriate use of the multi-channel, and multi-media capabilities of virtual meeting facilitation technologies like Zoom, Teams, or GoTo Meeting will be leveraged to greatest possible effect

How much is a meeting worth?

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If you add up the hourly rates of all who attend, the loss of productivity, and the opportunity cost if the meeting doesn’t produce relevant actions, the stakes and costs of these meetings becomes clear. It also makes it obvious that investing in professional virtual meeting facilitation that ensures a productive outcome is well worth it.

How our virtual meeting facilitation works:

  • You will meet with the Fathom team to set an intention and success criteria for the meeting – these will be used as centerpieces for the design of the agenda and meeting experience
  • If needed, the Fathom team will interview attendees to prepare them for the meeting, and for the Fathom team to get a better sense of the unique perspective of each participant
  • Guidelines for technology best practices, meeting materials, and questions for consideration will be circulated before the meeting
  • Fathom will facilitate the meeting using their extensive experience creating safe spaces where the most needed and authentic interactions can take place through virtual technologies
  • Fathom’s team will produce a meeting report that professionally captures the key outcomes of the meeting in a way that encourages easy and powerful communication
If you would like your next virtual meeting to be one where the experience and outcomes go beyond what you thought was possible, even for in-person meetings, talk to us about how we can make that possible for you.

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Additional Highlights

Flexible: Designed to meet the busy schedule of executives, we’ll find the most favorable time for the sessions that match the cohort, and schedule them in advance.

Virtual: All sessions and curriculum are optimized to be delivered and experienced using Zoom and other online platforms that allowing you to enjoy powerful team interactions and more intimate one-on-one sessions no matter where you are located.

Customized: This program is all about you, and your unique ambitions and challenges. It meets you where you are and is designed to take you forward in a way that only needs to make sense for you.

If you are serious about the next chapter of your leadership. Reach out to us to set up an interview.

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