What if you could listen something into existence? What if you could listen someone higher? What if you could change the condition of your organization through just the act of listening?  

In this workshop, Fathom’s own Brent Robertson will lead the exploration into each of these possibilities and more, and dive deep into perspective’s that will help attendees realize the full potential of their listening and reveal ways to apply these insights in the day-to-day experience of work and life the minute they leave the workshop 

Those who attend this workshop will experience: 

  • A broader awareness of the distinct domains in which to harness the full power of listening 
  • Familiarity with the concept of generous listening and the temporality and seven states of listening 
  • Exercises that will provoke mastery of all of the domains 

As a result, attendees will enjoy: 

  • An advanced vocabulary and toolset in which discuss and design their listening 
  • More confidence shaping conversations with purpose and focus 
  • Experiencing being able to listen into existence new relationships, new things, and higher states of being for themselves and those around them