For decades industries and work environments have been dealing with the dynamics of family life and work schedules. Yet, we continue to see statistics that show the prevailing struggle of finding a work-life balance is only becoming more difficult. For example, LinkedIn research shows that work-life balance is the number one career regret in the U.S., and there’s no real solution in sight. In addition, the recent pandemic has now drawn most working families into their homes, eliminating the need for travel while freeing up time to be with family and we’re still seeing work-life balance as a headlining problem. In fact, it has become even more of a challenge.

In this Sip Session, we’ll spark conversation to finally find solutions and challenge the impossible pursuit of work-life balance. To do this, we’ll first challenge the age-old perspective and provide a reframe that is sure to open doors. Looking through a new lens, we’ll open to the root of the problem and consider what balance is really all about.

Entering this unpredictable Fall season with the return of masks and a new Delta variant opens the doors to more obstacles on the way. Calling Bullshit on work-life Balance may be one of the most important conversations we share at this pivotal time and help us see the inherent opportunities that currently exist. With an open mind, we’ll look at balance through the lens of connection, consider practical tools and a pathway to find inner balance, and thrive in conversation that will allow participants to make this experience personal. We will learn, share, and support one another so we can all leave feeling more confident about experiencing balance.

About Christina Dufour

Meet the award-winning entrepreneur & corporate training strategist who is driving performance improvement from a foundation of well-being.

Well-being and Performance mentor Christina Dufour transforms those dealing with the pressures of today’s 24/7 world into balanced and thriving professionals by teaching them how to utilize timeless techniques for self-regulation and mindfulness, as they ultimately realize their personal power, passion, and presence while bringing their full potential to life. Her areas of expertise include work-life balance, stress management, full potential living, inner peace, communicating, and deliberate creation.

She has a unique perspective on the well-being, coaching, and performance needs of both organizations and individuals. She is the creator of the Carnelian Method, which includes her signature series, “Be Centered In Motion©”, which has resulted in performance improvement with many of her clients.

As a Motivational Speaker, Christina shares her unique ‘Perception Series’ of talks with national events and organizations. She blends her professional business, entrepreneurial, and mindfulness expertise with years of study in theatre and professional dance to share educational messages with an enlivening delivery that inspires action.

Her Native American heritage, combined with her business background and extensive certifications, gives Christina a unique ability to service organizations and individuals while living her purpose.

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