What defines one’s own brand identity? These are the qualities, beliefs, personality traits, appearance, and expressions that characterize you.

In the first SIP Session of 2023, we’ll explore how you present yourself to the world. We will dive into what characteristics are the most important in your own brand and identity, how you can visually express them, and what they are saying to your community.

This in-person Sip Session will be limited to 20 people and will start promptly at 6:15.

Reminder: Bring an open mind and an open heart and a beverage to share so we may toast together!

Photography by Michael Marques.

About Kristina Karlson

Kristina Karlson believes that design has the ability to expand the wholeness of humanity, which drives her and her commitment to surround herself with balance to be able to create and help others elevate their existence.

Kristina is the Director of Design at Fathom. She solves creative problems, elevates client content, and brings identities to life through visual communication. As a result of her presence, clients can expect increasing energy for, and faster movement toward their ideal, purpose-driven future. Kristina’s unique way to express the purpose of an organization allows partners, clients, talent, and community to engage with them more meaningfully and more quickly. And in a way that generates much more abundance for all involved.

Her other passions include interior design, exploring local farmers markets, and surrounding herself with more and more plants. You can connect with Kristina via LinkedIn.

LOCATION: Sip Session will be an IN PERSON event at SPACES (71 Raymond Road West Hartford, CT 060107) from 6-8pm.