As more of the population becomes vaccinated, re-entry into the world is the next frontier to explore, shape and design. For leaders, there’s an opportunity to create conditions that prioritize relationships, and invite the next chapter of your organization’s and team’s success and satisfaction.

The truth is, the “back-to” mindset that is so pervasive, is one that, if followed, favors returning to the pre-pandemic status quo. But was that status quo ideal? What about everything we discovered, and applied that fundamentally broke down our assumptions about what was and wasn’t possible for how we learn, work and play? 

The policy-focused approach so commonly being used for re-entry planning isn’t a tool designed to create opportunities to grow and advance. Policy is designed to manage unwanted behavior and foreclose on possibilities. Using it to define re-entry will not only favor a “play not to lose” solution, but will be a painfully unproductive process of trying to account for every conceivable variable. 

There is another, much more generative way to plan for re-entry. In this Frameworks episode, Fathom will demonstrate a more purposeful and energizing approach to re-entry planning that goes beyond simply finding an acceptable solution to provoke conditions within your organization and team that favor breakthrough performance now and into the future. 


Fathom Frameworks – A series about how to become a high-performance, purpose-driven organization

Purpose seems to be all the rage in business these days, and Balaji Ganapathy, CSRO Tata Consulting made it plain and simple in a recent panel lead by Fathom’s Brent Robertson by stating “Purpose is the New Tech.”

Maybe that’s because the evidence is clear that organizations driven by ideas greater than the services and products they provide, outperform those that aren’t. In fact, the 2018 Corporate Board/EY Global Leadership Forecast finds that “Purposeful companies outperform the stock market by 42%.”

So, how does purpose get established, and how does it translate into a meaningful and measurable change in performance? Fathom is in the business of creating high-performance purpose-driven organizations and is beginning a new series called Fathom Frameworks where you can learn about, and engage in, the transformative power of purpose.

Each episode will focus on a common business activity such as strategic planning or team building and showcase ways to dramatically enhance the outcomes those activities deliver by changing where you’re thinking and acting from. We will introduce powerful new perspectives, share examples about how those perspectives have been applied successfully and how you can engage with them and Fathom to drive performance beyond the benchmarks of what you’ve known is possible.

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Tuesday, May 18th 11:30-12:30

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