“What if leadership were choosing to take a posture of responsibility for the lives you touch?” Brent Robertson

In this workshop, Brent will introduce key leadership concepts and powerful distinctions between leadership and management. He will introduce the domains in which leaders have to leverage when it comes to having the greatest and most positive effect for the least amount of energy and time. Emerging leaders who attend this workshop will leave with an advanced understanding of their roles as leaders, and pragmatic application of those ideas that can leveraged daily to great effect.

What is the Connecticut Professionals’ Leadership Academy?

The Connecticut Professionals’ Leadership Academy brings together professionals from the:

  • Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants,
  • Hartford County Bar Association,
  • CFA Society Hartford,
  • Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects,
  • Connecticut Young Insurance Professionals, and
  • Connecticut Bar Association.

The academy inspires emerging leaders by strengthening leadership skills, building relationships, cultivating talent, and creating a collaborative community among several professions for the next generation of business leaders.

This program develops interdisciplinary leaders to help improve their professions, their professional association groups, their companies, and their personal career growth. Given the current situation, the Leadership Academy is being reworked into a combination of virtual meetings in the short-term to keep the program’s momentum going, with in-person meetings to be held once it is safe in order to continue to cultivate the valuable in-person interaction and networking the program was intended to provide.

To learn more, visit: https://www.ctcpas.org/content/29475.aspx