The first challenge: Create an environment that encourages deeper collaboration between firms

Industry conditions are such that most firms are unable or unwilling to be as open, transparent and collaborative as they could be. This not only limits the potential of the project but causes unneeded conflict that can drive up the cost and the time needed to complete the work. In this workshop, we will generate ideas that can be applied individually and collectively to change the bias of the industry from defensive to collaborative.

Why should you come to this event:

  • You want to influence changes that benefit you, your firm, your clients and the industry
  • You want to learn how to better engage with industry peers of different ages, experiences, and disciplines
  • You want to join with others and be part of something that has never been done but could change everything

This will be a highly interactive workshop so it will be important to try and be there right from the start. The official program ends at 8pm, however, we expect and encourage the conversation to continue as late as the team’s energy invites. Heavy Appetizers will be provided and a cash bar is available

Brent Robertson, Partner of Fathom and Kaitlyn Dobberful

What is industryREdesign?

industryREdesign is an exclusive series of workshops that uses a cross-industry, cross-generational approach to creating solutions for our industries greatest challenges.

Over the past year, attendees of IndustryREdesign workshops have been exploring collaboration as a vehicle for more creativity, satisfying relationships and much more successful projects. In the first workshop, we explored, why collaboration matters and over the course of a project, what kind of collaboration has the biggest effect. In the second, we used those ideas to inspire a creative exercise to design a pitch where the winning firm won by proposing the most collaborative approach to a kickoff meeting.

Thursday, December 1, 2016
4:00 PM

Apricots Restaurant
1593 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, Connecticut 06032