Leadership challenges do not occur only in the boardroom, or with the most experienced in our industry. It takes a village to instill a culture of leadership … and to develop future leaders. Different types and generations of leaders will collaborate during the AEC Leadership Conference to learn about themselves, their colleagues, and how to lead during times of change, disruption, and uncertainty.


Our Session:

Leaders create effects—what effects are you creating?

Leadership is often misunderstood.

People are frequently promoted into leadership positions because they are good at “getting things done.” But leadership isn’t primarily about doing—it’s about creating conditions, or an effect on those around them—an effect that sets up their teams for success and creates other leaders.

In this session we will explore the conditions and effects of leadership, and each participant will reflect on their own experience and their potential, to come away with a customized tool that lets them have greater choice and power in the effects they’re able to create for themselves and others.

About Matt & Ben

Matt and Ben work with organizations and their leaders to facilitate an honest, ongoing, high-level conversation that focuses a team’s collective insight, imagination, and drive. They also design conditions for inspire and amplify an authentic leadership culture—one where everyone in the organization is incented to assume ownership of their, and the organization’s future.

With over fourteen years of experience in brand development, storytelling, strategy, and business culture, Ben works with leaders and their teams to become a version of themselves they did not know existed and to create a future they did not know was possible.

Matt also has over a decade’s experience helping some of the world’s biggest companies’ brand teams imagine and innovate the new products, services, and stories that matter most to those they want stronger relationships with. This includes breakthrough work with Gillette/P&G, Colgate, iRobot, PepsiCo, Starbucks and Keurig.