Is it a form of psychic ability? Or simply a natural part of our human cognition? 

Join us for a journey to the inside… to the voice in our head, our instinct, our energy, our Qi (chi) which is whispering – sometimes screaming and throwing boulders at us – for us to listen to it! Where we will learn how to follow our intuition throughout our life.  

Maureen Funke, Qigong Healer at Living Your Qi, will guide us through simple practices that can help us tap into and strengthen our intuition. The concept is so very straightforward… like any muscle, the most important thing we can do to engage and strengthen our intuition is to listen to it! The more we listen to our intuition and follow it through life, the stronger it gets. The clearer the path becomes. This work is incredibly empowering and can bring a clarity with near magnetic pull towards the best version of yourself.  

We. just. Have. to. Allow. It.  

We’ll learn how Maureen arrived upon the Qigong practice which has awakened and nourished her intuition, and then go on our own journey. How have we listened to (or not) our intuition in the past? And what was the result of that? How are we listening to or ignoring our intuition in this present moment? What are the risks of not following our intuition and how does that feel? 

Join us to explore, deepen, and connect to the intuition living inside you. 

Reminder: Bring an open mind and an open heart. And have a beverage on-hand to enjoy a virtual toast!   

Photography by Michael Marques

About Maureen Funke

Maureen Funke holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and works in Business Development, transforming commercial interiors. Along with her business development and project management journey (and perhaps because of them!) she began her healing journey with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and discovered Qigong (chee-gong) in 2009. Ever since, she has experienced deep healing in all aspects of her life. Emei Qigong is an ancient eastern practice of cultivation, dating to 1227, with the power to relieve your mind, body and spirit of physical, mental and emotional suffering, along with the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Maureen is certified by Master Patricia Bolger. Maureen lives in Durham, Connecticut with her husband and three daughters. 

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