With the rise of xenophobia, mass shootings, religious bias, and simply the fear of the “other,” we must delve into the constant amongst all of these – that we are placing a lesser importance on one sect of human beings than another.  What is the origin of this bias, and more importantly, can we combat it?  What is it that allows us to “see” another human being for their passions and flaws, and what is it that relegates others to these two-dimensional, stereotypical facades that we easily dismiss?

Together, we will seek to explore our own unconscious biases toward people and concepts different from us, the role desensitization has to play in shaping our compassion, and lastly, the psychological devices we subconsciously use to make quick assessments about the world around us.  Through this discovery we can hope to gain insights into the development of this mindset, and hopefully generate ideas on how we may impact not only perspectives, but also actions, for ourselves and for those around us.

 About Melanie:

Melanie has an avid fascination with societal interactions and behaviors, and their governing psychology.  She has focused her academic pursuits on the social sciences, receiving her undergraduate from UConn in International Relations, and her Masters from NYU in Political Psychology, where she focused on how mental disorders impact decision making in the sociopolitical arena.  These interests have translated into professional pursuits, where she spends her career analyzing workforce data for United Technologies, and holds a Board of Directors position with Mental Health CT.  Melanie hopes to continue to study and challenge societal norms in the interest of promoting more positive interpersonal interactions and more altruistic decision making.


Bring an open mind and an open heart. And if you wish, a beverage to sip and share.


Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Blue Back Square
71 Raymond Rd,
West Hartford Connecticut

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Photo by Mike Marques of Arbor Light Studio