Inspiring Activism

When we see something that isn’t right, unfair or unjust, what can we do about it? Surprisingly, this question is notoriously hard to answer. In this very special Sip Session, Pastor and community activist AJ Johnson will lead us through an experience where we can understand the forces that make activism challenging, and how to overcome, out-pace, or outwit them to take action in a way that makes a difference.

About AJ:

Elder AJ Johnson is a faith-influenced voice for urban resurgence and revival and a pace-setting champion for justice and community-wide uplift. As a trailblazer, Johnson leads The Urban Hope Refuge Church, an influential church where passionate worship and community activism meet in Hartford, Connecticut. Johnson works at the Christian Activities Council as a Community Organizer. He spearheads Small Business Night Out, a network of minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs; Calling all Brothers, a widely hailed male mentor-ship and leadership organization and Brothers Johnson 1929 Hat Company, a clothing brand reflecting strength, loyalty, and distinction.

Urban Hope Refuge
136 Westland St
Hartford, CT 06120

Wednesday, August 14th

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Photo by Mike Marques of Arbor Light Studio