The earth has been here long before humans were and will be here long into the future, with or without us. However new choices for our future are emerging as humanity has hit an incredible milestone – our population is now at a size where we have the power to influence things at the planetary scale!* The question now becomes what are we using this power for: Creating a world that can nurture us long into the future? – Or a future where we’ve caused a catastrophic failure of the earth’s ability (or desire) to sustain us?

In this appropriately end-of-year Sip Session, Ripi Singh, PhD a global advocate for the proliferation of sustainable business practices and Brent Robertson, generator of humanity centered organizations will lead an exercise designed to give us all a better understanding of our planetary effect and elucidate new ways we can contribute to the wellbeing of the only home we know – Planet Earth.

About Ripi:
Ripi helps business leaders prepare for the Industry 4.0; shape the Society 5.0; and appreciate their impact on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; using a framework of innovation best practices from ideation to purpose-driven monetization. He is now passionate about leveraging Digital-Physical-Human integration for sustainability of Earth because we have no backup plan(et). He is an active contributor to development of international standards for purposeful innovation management.

About Brent:
Brent works with leaders to design futures worth believing in™. A partner at Fathom and founder of Sip Sessions, he champions an approach to organizational design, strategic visioning, and leadership development that prioritizes people and purpose over policy and politics. As a result, his clients don’t simply plan their futures, they bring them to life through the energy of system-wide involvement in, and commitment to, generating valuable organizations that matter.

Bring an open mind and an open heart. And a beverage to sip and share.

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Blue Back Square
71 Raymond Rd,
West Hartford Connecticut
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*”Thank you for being late: An optimists guide to thriving in the age of accelerations,” by Thomas Friedman