At the same time, it can hold us prisoner, play on our weaknesses, crush our spirits, and emotionally manipulate us. What would it feel like to unshackle ourselves and reframe the narrative around money? How can we choose to reclaim our power and make the impossible… possible?

It’s for people who are willing to explore aligning their money with who they really are, and what they truly care about. We’ll learn, laugh, cry, experience guilt and possibly even shame as we shed burdens and expectations.

We believe the process of moving toward the space we want to be in is just as important as actually arriving there.

You might end up somewhere else altogether, and that place might be a wonderful surprise.

Bring an open mind. A clear mind. And if you wish, a beverage to sip and share. We’ll provide herbal tea and healthy snacks to stimulate clear thinking.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Conduit Center
1227 Burnside Ave. #1 (upstairs)
East Hartford, CT 06108


About Joseph Lander
Joe awakens dreams that inspire action. As a wealth advisor and life coach at Hammond Iles, he compassionately guides people to align their purpose with their money so they can do what truly matters most to them in life.

Kelly Ashton Bradley headshot
About Kelly Ashton Bradley
Kelly designs brands for purpose-driven companies. As Marketing Director at Hammond Iles, she inspires clear paths to purposeful living by powerfully bringing together a tribe of investors to learn, have fun, and inspire each other.