In this SIP Session led by Erich Davis, artist and Chief Creative of E.J. Davis Aesthetics and WorkWorkshop, we will explore the transition from familiar to devastation, and the process of creating meaning out of the fragments that lay in the wake of chaos.

By transforming our perspective and redefining what we really have control over in our crazy world we can empower ourselves to move forward and leverage the challenges to create far a greater future than we could have imagined!

Attendance at this in-person SIP will be limited to 25 people. Please bring an object you will not mind parting with as a contribution to the exercise. This can be an old toy, a broken clock, or things that no longer serve you … the more complex, the better!

Reminder: Bring an open mind and an open heart. We invite you to bring a favorite beverage to sip and share with other attendees.

LOCATION: The WorkWorkshop Studio, 43 Russell Road Bethany, CT 06524

Photography by WorkWorkshop.


I am an artist at heart and enjoy putting the creative process to work building on the experience within each project with the intention of making every new piece of work better than the last.

My clients include artists, architects, designers, builders, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, homeowners, corporations, marketers, and anyone who seeks to elevate their ideas to make their environment more creative, more thoughtful and more beautiful through form and function.

Established in 2007, E. J. Davis Aesthetics creates artfully designed, hand-crafted works of art, furniture and custom installations for residential and commercial clients.




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Your Input Requested | SIP Session Wildcard Topic for December 13, 2023

You are invited to suggest the topic of the last SIP Session of 2023. What do you want to explore? Controversial or taboo topics welcome … and honesty is encouraged. What do you dare us to cover next? Have a say. Go to the survey here.