Bring a friend and immerse yourself in the Healing Meals flow to discern for yourself how you want to be and what you want to create in your life.

We are always creating but if we aren’t mindful of our energy, are we creating the experiences we really want?

Join us in a community circle, meal creation and note writing to experience how Healing Meals nourishes with love.

About the organizers:

Sarah and Ellen share an incredible passion for the healing power of food as medicine as well as youth empowerment. They experienced firsthand the difference that healthy organic food made when they experienced their own health crisis.

This Inspired them to start Healing Meals Community Project (HMCP) modeled after Ceres Community Project in California created by Sarah’s sister Cathryn Couch. Their vision was to bring nourishment, healing and connection across Connecticut. They are now one of eight Ceres affiliates from around the country , and one now in Denmark.

Over the last seven years HMCP has delivered over 120,000 organic meals to 1500 clients and their families in more than 75+ towns across Connecticut. They have learned that they are so much more than their mission for everyone in their community. Organic connections and a spirit of belonging are foundational to who they are, and it changes lives as much as their kale and quinoa.


This is an IN PERSON event at Healing Meals Community Project: 140 Nod Road Weatogue/Simsbury, CT (the former Tower Ridge Country Club next to Talcott Mountain Collective)

Please feel free to bring beverages or to purchase them from Talcott Mountain Collective next door.

This event is limited to 35 people.