Join Dennis Lazor as he leads us through the labyrinthine hallways of horror and fear – what horror is, how it arises in us, and what value the experience of horror can bring to our lives.  That sign post up ahead?  You’ve just crossed over into Fathom’s Halloween Sip Session.

Our bodies are hard-wired for fear, producing physiological changes tracing back to our ancestral roots.  But what lies buried in our DNA also lies buried in our minds – those same primordial fears take on new forms and shapes to shamble across generations, intruding into our everyday lives, short-circuiting our thinking, leading us to irrational acts. Is inoculation from fear possible?  Desirable?  Can horror in art (literature, film) help us in any way?

About the organizer:

Dennis Lazor holds a PH.D. in English Literature, focusing on the Gothic novels of 18th-century England.  He’s currently at work on a collection of short stories of the everyday horrors of modern life (with a few cosmic Lovecraftian ideas creeping in from the black abyss).  Dennis currently works in corporate America, a fecund spawning ground for contemporary horrors.


This Sip Session is from 6:00-8:00pm on Thursday, October 19th, at Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre in Wethersfield. They close at 8pm so we will have to end sharply then.

Please no outside food or drink. The venue has a bar with snacks and drinks available for purchase.