There’s no doubt, uncertainty is activating.

Many in our culture teach us that uncertainty is a wholly negative experience. We should do our best to avoid it all costs through a variety of behaviors like:
• Isolating
• Hiding in a crowd (following others without question)
• Performing routines on autopilot

In spite of our efforts to get rid of uncertainty, it seems like the uncertainty dial is cranked all the way UP. Uncertainty is dangerous, and powerful stuff if left unchecked.

What if there was a positive side to uncertainty?
What if uncertainty is natural human state of being?
What if we weren’t supposed to experience uncertainty alone?
What if there were positive experiences to be had with uncertainty?
What if we consciously chose to engage uncertainty?

In this special IN PERSON Sip Session, Artist Amy McNamara guides us through an artistic experience in her own studio … learning how to process uncertainty creatively. This special Sip Session is limited to 25 people so if you sign up, please do everything you can to attend!

For this Sip Session we ask that you bring a non-alcoholic beverage to Sip and share with others. And be prepared to get a bit messy … Bring a smock or apron because art is happening!

About Amy

Hi. I’m Amy.

Much like my art, I am in process. I am an artist- not in the sense of doing (although I am quite prolific) but rather in being. Try as I might’ve to see things through a more linear, logical lens- it turns out that’s not my best look. Thank goodness!

I’ve discovered AMY = ARTIST This part of the equation has been solved. (It was trickier than it had to be.)

I see things a little bit differently. I prefer to bring the things I experience and don’t understand to be processed though the wisest, most generative practice I know: art making. It never lets me down. I take my artist way of being and seeing to everything I do. Currently I am studying art therapy and counseling at Albertus Magnus College, instructing collage and watercolor at Quinnipiac University, working as a professional artist/ co-running a community art studio, parenting my teenage daughter, listening to the planets and stars and taking the best care of myself ever.

I’d like to invite YOU to my studio @CreateSpaceNHV to consciously disrupt some of our patterning that we’ve ever-so-cleverly put in place to defend against inevitable uncertainty.

Sounds kinda heavy…but what I really mean is:

Let’s practice hanging out and taking in the joy of the unexpected through art making.

I have adapted from my own art practice a low stakes, high success art process for our courageous community. Without giving it all away, we will name our uncertainties, make some guided art around it and possibly discover this practice could be a balm to sooth our frayed nerves. Fingers crossed!

Before you tell me you’re not an artist, you can’t even draw a straight line or sorry, Amy, I’ll sit this one out. Please consider you might be feeling uncertain, and this kind of conscious/ self-aware vibe is exactly what we’re going for.

You’ve already begun. YES!

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Photography by Michael Marques.