The 2018 Conference focus and theme, HR: Achieving Greater Organizational Value, will provide HR leaders and practitioners with advanced strategic and operational insights and skills to prove greater levels of efficacy and return on investment to their organizations through HR initiatives, systems, and practices.

Brent’s Presentation

Build the workforce relationship you want, through meaningful communication. As a human resource professional, you are the connective tissue between strategy, operations, and culture. With all that is changing in the business world, maintaining meaningful relationships with your team is more important than ever.

However, the sheer volume of things to communicate combined with up to five different generations in the workforce to accommodate, there is much that can put those relationships at risk.In this session, we will investigate the cornerstone of any good relationship; communication. Brent Robertson of Fathom will introduce powerful frameworks and facilitate a real-time interchange with the audience that will explore how to communicate in a way that not only gets response, but also invites creative engagement.

Come prepared to discuss your challenges, gain insights, and learn from your peers.Session attendees will:

  • Understand what’s behind changing workforce dynamics that requires new ways of communicating
  • Learn how to build stronger relationships with your immediate team and all of your workforce
  • Get access to a powerful framework to design communications that engage
  • Hear what challenges your colleagues and learn how to apply key concepts in real-world scenarios

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