In a new monthly series of small-group discussions called What’s Bothering Mel, we will dive deep into the vexing challenges we face as it relates to improving organizational systems. Through these discussions we hope to provoke ways we can be more effective agents of change in human systems designed to remain in their current form.

The first of these discussions will explore:

  • What is it about the design of our organizations that suppresses our development as human beings?
  • Why do so many of us leave work at the end of the day feeling used up rather than inspired and invigorated?
  • How can we affect change in organizational designs that favor stasis?

Who should attend:

Those who will get the most out of this series are leaders who are committed to having the next chapter of their organization and their career be one they’d be proud to let define it. If you seek a forum to explore realms of leadership and human systems not often discussed with the wisdom of one of the most important leadership development practitioners in recent history, don’t miss this series.

About Mel Toomey:

Mel is fascinated by the act of leadership. He sees leading as a unique self-expression – an artful expression, one that can’t be taught, but can be learned. This interest has resulted in the research and refinement of methods to develop leadership through real-time, on-the-job experiences.

Besides his leader development practice at Fathom, Mel is the principle designer of one of the first MAs in Organizational Leadership. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters for his work in establishing leadership as a profession. He has taught at University of Arkansas, Chicago Theological Seminary, and at The Graduate Institute, where Mel serves as Scholar in Residence. He also founded The Center for Leadership Studies, which continues to accelerate the impact of leaders world-wide.


What’s bothering Mel 2020 series dates:

(All sessions are Thursday 10-12am on ZOOM)

August 6th
September 10th
October 1st
November 5th
December 3rd

To inquire about participation, contact Brent Robertson at or 860-463-4661