Shifting control ignites business transformation

Motorlease is an exclusive fleet management company serving clientele who need personal service and customized plans that large leasing companies cannot deliver. The company, founded in 1946, has maintained an enviable reputation in the industry and numerous long-standing client relationships.

Following a leadership change, the executive team sensed they might be leaving some growth potential on the table. While their self-diagnosis, an ineffective brand presentation, was accurate, our initial work together revealed even more significant opportunity inside the company.

Through group exercises and interactions, we discovered a staff that believed in the potential of the company. But, because of processes in place, felt unable to share ideas, effect change, or influence decisions.

We introduced tools and frameworks designed to build new team dynamics, give each person a voice, and uncover the actions that would make the most difference. One initiative, formed to reinvigorate the customer care process, created new values and methods that helped the service team better deliver on the company’s vision and brand promise.

The turning point came when employees realized that the leadership team was giving them the power to make decisions, solve problems, and create the company they saw was possible. Now, rather than being hampered by a culture where employees wait for instructions, the company is thriving because it invites and honors each person’s capacity to contribute.

Giving everyone a voice

In response to an all-company survey, we facilitated a series of employee workshops to create a constructive venue for voicing concerns and ideas, and invite participation in a conversation about the company's direction.


Strength from inclusion

No mere employee engagement exercises, these workshops signaled a sea change in how the company would operate. Going forward, everyone would have opportunities to contribute; everyone would have a say in how the company moves into its future.


Expressing a new future

Having identified a new way to describe the unique value that Motorlease provides its clients, the leadership team recognized that the company's visual image needed to be updated to match. Eschewing auto-oriented clichés, we created a timeless identity and set of flexible design styles that could be adapted for various uses while maintaining a core consistency.


Telling the world what to expect

The Motorlease story is multilayered and sometimes difficult for prospective customers to fully grasp. We created a succinct animated version for busy website visitors that also works for social media sharing and as an introduction for sales presentations.


Competing against much larger companies with deeper pockets and louder voices requires confidence, and the ability to clearly state when and why you are the better choice. A ground-up redesign of the Motorlease website provided a platform for the earliest version of its story while allowing for adjustments and growth.


The language of change

A new story is only as effective as the consistency of its telling. While variations for personal style or use cases are expected, the underlying ideas and themes should remain intact. As the Motorlease team adapted to a new narrative, its messaging platform allowed for effective content generation and business development conversations.

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