At Fathom, we believe in helping our clients create a purpose-driven vision of their future in which they can thrive beyond the benchmarks of what they’ve previously known to be possible.

And a part of that client journey includes developing equally powerful visual representations of our client’s future identity. Their brand should match their vision.

In support of that, we have onboarded a new Director of Design. Please join us in welcoming Kristina Karlson to the Fathom team. Kristina will be lead designer, responsible for Fathom’s visual expression, and delivering inspired purpose-driven branding and design for our clients.

Kristina, a graduate of the University of Hartford with a BFA in Visual Communication Design, believes that great design has the power to defy all barriers.

When not sitting behind a computer screen, you’ll find Kristina skimming through plant-based cookbooks, exploring new interior design ideas, or spending time in nature.