Fathom’s work with Halloran Sage started with a partner retreat and evolved into the development of a Vision, Purpose, Promise and Values. These ideas were then integrated into a refined brand strategy and identity for the firm, and in recent months, have been extended into strategies and programs for attracting and onboarding talented new employees.

One of the team members we worked with on several projects, Carmen Rodriguez, a legal secretary at Halloran Sage for 23 years, summarizes the impact we seek to have by saying in the article, “I’ve never been more excited about my job. There’s a refreshing sense that everyone is contributing to innovation and the long-term success of the firm.”

Just as the future of every organization will be unique, our future design consulting varies for each client based on who they are and who they are becoming. A trend that we’ve been seeing in recent years is that while organizations are full of brilliant people, they often need help creating new avenues to tap into the creativity of their team. Halloran Sage is a perfect of example of a client who has pulled this off beautifully, and as COO David Urbanik says in the Forbes article, doing so helps with retaining and recruiting top talent.

What are the biggest challenges facing your organization currently? How will you create a future these challenges no longer stand in your way, but instead propel you forward?

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